Polo Facts

IMG_9867Introduction to the rules

As an observer to the game, the first rule to understand is that the teams change direction each time a goal is scored.

Thereafter many of the rules relate to the line of the ball, which cannot be crossed once a right of play has been established.  This is an often argued point, but the basic concept is that the right of play is established by the player who hit the ball and thereafter that line of the ball cannot be crossed by other players.  Instead they must use other tactics, such as riding off or hooking to take the ball off the other team.  In this regard polo is a very different game to other ball sports such as football, rugby or hockey in that irrespective of which direction a team is trying to score, all players on the pitch always ride in the same direction.

Because the rules are so specific to the sport they are not easy to grasp, but vital if you are going to be able to successfully play in tournaments.

Fouls lead to penalties which lead to goals so a good polo player needs to understand the rules well and minimise the fouls made on the pitch.

We recognise how important it is to avoid fouls and organise training sessions specifically focussed on understanding how the rules translate to the pitch in order to make our members more rounded players.