The Polo Handicap System

Canada Polo Day 180A polo team consists of four players. Each player is handicapped from -2 to 10 (the best). The sum of the player’s handicaps is the team handicap and the difference can mean a handicap goal advantage to one team. The standard of matches is found by the team handicaps.

Normally the No l is the attacker, No 2 is also an attacker but is the stronger player, No 3 is a mid field player and the best player on whom the team revolves and No 4 is the back and main defender. You will often see the No 3 or 4 attacking through the field to score a goal. Players must play right-handed.

imageEach player is assessed on his or her tournament polo through the polo season and at mid season and at the end of the season the polo club will discuss how well they can play polo, this is based on their knowledge of the rules, their riding and their ball hitting ability, the handicap committee then decide on their playing handicap for the next season which can be -2 to 10 Goals.